Writing Rules

Author’s may send their articles which are prepared in accordance with the below stated publishing and editorial principles, together with the “article presentation form” via e-mail to the provided addresses. Providing the permissions of the authors (the main author or the rightful publishing house) is obligatory for the translated texts and articles as well. The articles which are sent to their authors for further improvement and/ or proofreading following the preliminary reviews and referee evaluations, must be edited accordingly and delivered back to the journal in one month at the latest. On the other hand, the articles which are found to be conflicting with this guideline, will be returned to their authors for further proofreading and will not be issued.

Publishing Principles 

1. Hukuk Fakültesi is a peer-reviewed journal which is prepared and printed by Istanbul Aydin University, the Faculty of Law twice a year (June and December). 

2. The journal only accepts articles, reviews of judgement and translations, which are not published or accepted to be published previously. 

3. The manuscripts that are to be published in the June issue of the journal must be delivered till the 1st of April and till the 1st of October for the December issue. The manuscripts received after these dates will be evaluated for the next issue of the journal. 

4. The preliminary evaluation of the manuscripts to be published are done by the Editorial Board. Those manuscripts that are evaluated by the Editorial Board and found to conform with publishing principles of the journal are sent to two different referees. Referees decide whether to publish, revise or reject the manuscripts and in each case the authors are informed. 

5. In case the referee demands a revision in his report, the author is expected to change the text only within the limits given by the referee. The manuscripts that are expected to be revised must be completed and resend to the Editorial Board within 30 days. Manuscripts that are sent within the specified period will be queued to be published in the next issue. The referees who demanded the changes may also evaluate manuscript revision. 

6. In case referee decides to reject the manuscript in his report, a second referee review is conducted. The manuscripts that are not returned from referee reviews within the specified period are evaluated for the next issue of the journal unless the authors demand otherwise. 

7. Editorial Board reserves the right to publish manuscripts which have positive referee reports, in the upcoming issues of the journal depending on the intensity of the related issue. 

8. The manuscripts must be delivered to Istanbul Aydin University, Law Faculty Deanship prepared as a CD in addition to three other hard copies in A4 paper size, on the two of which the name of the author is not specified. The authors are expected to specify their titles, the institutions they work in, their open address, contact number and e-mail addresses. 

9. A copy of the journal will be sent to the authors free of charge. Editorial Principles 

10. The opinions put forward in the article published in the 10th journal belong to the author. The University does not accept any responsibility in this regard. 

11. At the end of the article, the bibliography in which the sources used in the article are arranged in alphabetical order according to the surname of the author should be included. References in the text of the sources used should be shown as footnotes at the end of each page. 

Writing Rules 

I. Main Title 

It should be compatible with the content, expressing it best and should be written in bold letters. 

II. Author’s Name(s) and Address(es)

The name(s) and surname(s) of the authors must be typed in bold whereas the addresses must be typed in italic letters. If there are any, the title(s) and the workplace(s) of the authors as well as their contact information must be indicated on the first page with a footnote. 

III. Abstract 

The article must include an abstract in both English and Turkish (özet) languages, which briefly and clearly summarizes the subject of the text and consists of at least 100 and at most 150 words. The abstract must not refer to the cited sources, figures and graphic numbers used in the text or contain footnotes. Authors must provide keywords consisting of at least 3 and at most 5 words leaving an empty line under the English and Turkish abstracts. The Turkish abstract must also have its title in Turkish. 

IV. Main Text 

The text must be written with Times New Roman font-type, 12-point font size leaving 1,5 space between lines and 3 cm margins on top, bottom and both sides of an A4-sized MS Word page. The pages must be numbered. The text must not exceed 6000 (six thousand) words including its Turkish and English abstracts, figures and table contents. 

V. Sub-titles 

The section and sub-titles may be preferred for delivering the information in an orderly way. All the section (regular) and sub (italics) titles must be written in 12- point size, bold characters, capitalizing only the initial letters of each word in the title. Sub-titles must not be followed by a colon (:) and the text must begin after an empty line. 

VI. Bibliography 

The bibliography must be given at the end of the text in an alphabetical order.